Technology Improves Patient-Dentist Communcation

Technology helps dental patients

In today’s digital world where people stay in almost constant communication, there are more ways than ever for patients and their dentists to stay in contact with ever-advancing technology. Improved communication through technology enables the dentist and patient to discuss any existing oral issues and potential treatments prior to the first visit through to the conclusion of treatment. Technology has given dental practices new ways to ensure that their patients always have the care they need.

Online appointment scheduling

Along with having an attractive, functional website, tech-savvy dental offices also make it possible for patients to schedule their appointments online. For busy people who prefer email or using a website over calling or stopping in, online appointment scheduling is a welcome convenience. When patients make an appointment online, they can choose a date and time that works for them as they view their personal schedule. Although some may view this type of scheduling as more impersonal than a phone call or visit, it’s a better way to interact with patients who already do so much online including paying bills, contacting friends and family and researching personal and professional interests. Giving patients the ability to schedule, change or cancel their appointments can give them a feeling of control that makes them more comfortable visiting the dentist. Dental offices often follow up a patient’s online appointment by sending a confirmation email or calling to double check. Today’s dental offices keep this service optional so that those less adept with technology or who want a different form of interaction can still call or stop in to make an appointment.

Appointment follow-up

After a patient makes an appointment, the dental office can use technology to remind them of their upcoming dental visit via email, text messaging or phone calls. Automated services such as texts and phone calls can reduce the workload on office staff while ensuring that patients remember their appointments and for many, receiving a personalized text message or email makes them feel like a valued patient. Using different forms of communication with patients can help reduce the number of no-shows for appointments.

Visual technology for dental health

Two-way communication is a necessity for patients and dentists and technology that produces visual examples of a patient’s current oral conditions and the results of planned treatments helps them understand the process better. Many dental offices today use digital radiography that uses digital x-ray sensors instead of the traditional film of normal x-ray machines. This technology allows the dentist to magnify images on a larger screen and enhance details to help the dentist make a diagnosis and allow the patient to see what’s going on in their mouth. When a patient has visual images to work from, this helps start a conversation as they ask questions and the dentist explains the situation, and this can make patients feel more comfortable and relaxed.

At Chianese Dental, we use dental innovation and proven practices to maintain communication and provide the best dental care possible.

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