Lost A Tooth? Here’s What Your Dentist Can Do

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Whether it’s due to an accident, medical reason, or lack of care, losing one or multiple teeth is never a good thing. It can leave you feeling self-conscious and less confident when around others. Additionally, it can reduce your mouth’s overall health and functionality. Talking, eating, and brushing can all become challenging and uncomfortable tasks once you’ve lost a tooth or teeth. Instead of shying away, there are some things your dentist can do to help you. Take a look at these dental treatments that can give you new teeth and a brighter smile.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a popular treatment method for people with one or multiple missing teeth. An artificial screw is surgically positioned into the jawbone, in the gap where the tooth would have originally been located. Once the bone surrounding the tooth has healed, and the screw has been accepted, an artificial tooth can then be attached. Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth, and the man-made roots allow you to regain full functionality. While they come highly recommended, not everyone can have this treatment. Your dentist should be able to inform you whether you are eligible or not.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are another technique used by dental professionals to replace lost teeth. This involves positioning a replacement tooth in the gap where your tooth or teeth are missing. This replacement is then connected to two crowns either side, using your existing teeth as support. Creating a bridge-like effect. The dental bridge is then cemented into place to fill the space. Your teeth will instantly look as good as new, and you will be able to talk and eat with ease.This technique is ideal if you have one or two teeth missing. But if you have five or six in a row, you may not have the support that is required. Your dentist should be able to tell you whether this is a suitable replacement method after your consultation.


Full or partial dentures can both be used to give you a gap-free smile. They look and act like real teeth while being removable. Meaning you can remove them at night or when playing sports. Well-made dentures are durable and can even be adapted to further dental procedures you have in the future. They are excellent if you have lost multiple teeth or just one or two. Partial dentures use clasps or arms to attach to your other teeth for stability as your mouth moves. Whereas full dentures use suction between your gums and the denture surface. It can take some time to get used to your dentures, but they are convenient and easy to use. Ask your dentists about the differing types of dentures and whether they would be suitable for you.

Before having any of these treatments, you must have a thorough consultation with your dentist. This will allow them to access the condition of your teeth and mouth more efficiently. They can then give their expert opinion and recommend the best possible treatment for your missing teeth issue.

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