Should You Get Your Teeth Whitened By Your Dentist or DIY?

Before and after of discolored and whitened teeth

White teeth appeal to many people who want to improve their smile. However, the thought of going to the dentist isn’t always so appealing. If you want whiter teeth, you might have considered buying an at-home kit. You can easily buy one from a store and use it in your own time. AT-home kits are one of the options you have if you want to whiten your teeth, but your dentist can also offer you several choices. Both whitening your teeth at home and going to the dentist have advantages of their own. Have a look at our comparison to work out which one is best for you.


The first thing a lot of people want to know about when they have their teeth whitened is safety. You are using chemicals to whiten your teeth, and they have the potential to be dangerous. At-home products can be safe if you use them correctly; however, you are often taking a gamble. The kit might come with a mouthguard that doesn’t fit over your gums properly. So your gums or mouth could get hurt if any of the whitening gel gets on them. Sometimes the solution may be too strong as well. If you go to your dentist, they will maintain safety at all times. If they give you whitening trays to use at home, they can be custom-fit for your mouth.


Most people want to be able to whiten their teeth quickly, or at least at a time of day when they don’t need to go anywhere. At-home kits seem to be most convenient for this because you don’t have to go to the dentist. However, if you have your teeth whitened by your dentist, it could take just 90 minutes. You can take that as an opportunity to sit back and relax while you listen to music or watch TV. Your dentist can also give you whitening strips or make you custom whitening trays to take home. So you can still whiten your teeth at home but with a more efficient and safer method.


When it comes to quick whitening, many at-home kits will promise immediate results. However, it’s unlikely that you’re going to have brilliantly white teeth after one use. You will have to keep using them to get the results you want. The same goes for whitening trays that your dentist gives you, which you might need to use for two weeks. If you go to have your teeth whitened in your dentist’s surgery, it will be a short process. Within an hour and a half, you could be going home.


But which one gives you the whitest teeth? Many people report good results with store-bought whitening kits. However, many other people don’t. They can be hit and miss, and if they don’t work, you have wasted your money. If you get your teeth whitened by your dentist, you can feel much more confident that you will achieve results.

Both at-home whitening kits and going to your dentist are options if you want whiter teeth. However, your dentist is in a better position to help you out.

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