Flossing is So Important, Even Cam Newton Knows

Cam Newton Flossing

Do you brush your teeth twice a day, once in the morning, once at night? We bet you do, even if it’s pure force of habit. You might even swirl a cup of mouthwash around before spitting it right out. How about flossing? Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of people forget to floss their teeth on a regular basis. That’s a problem because flossing is incredibly important. If you want your mouth, teeth, and gums to stay healthy, you need to floss.

Reduce Plaque

Plaque builds up when you don’t clean your teeth. If you leave your teeth unclean for a few hours, plaque will build up, but a quick brush will get rid of it in no time. However, there’s always plaque that’s missed when you brush. That hardens, making it difficult to get off. When it hardens, the plaque is damaging your teeth further, wearing them away. Flossing after you eat can stop the plaque in its tracks.

Reach Hidden Areas

If you brush your teeth, you’re cleaning the parts of the tooth that you can see. You’ll complete a mirror check, and your teeth might look beautifully white. What you can’t see is the problems in the hidden areas. The back of your teeth might be yellow. There may even be plaque built up between them. Flossing will get rid of this and clean all those unseen areas where issues can develop.

Reducing The Risk Of Gum Disease

There’s another reason why you should floss. It reduces your chance of gum disease. Built up plaque can increase the possibility of your gums being damaged. If this happens, it can be serious, and your teeth can even start to fall out. Flossing will reduce the chance of this happening, getting rid of leftover residue from food that damages the teeth and the gums.

Bad Breath

If plaque builds up in your mouth, it could lead to the development of bad breath. A mint or tic tac won’t fix that issue. It will be long lasting and won’t fade until you do something about your oral hygiene. Leftover food in the mouth begins to dissolve, creating a nasty odor around the teeth.

Less Trips To The Dentist

No one likes going to the dentist. Well, there’s good news, if you floss you’ll spend less time there. Flossing reduces the chance of you needing a filling or teeth cleaning. If you’re keeping teeth clean by flossing, you won’t need the help of a professional. At the very least, you’ll avoid those lectures you always receive from the dentist.

The Pearly Whites Of A Star Athlete

Ever wonder why star athletes have such flawless smiles? It’s because they keep excellent oral hygiene. Cam Newton, star of the Carolina Panthers was caught flossing during the NFL Season opening game. Apparently, he was trying to remove some left over orange bits. He clearly knows how bad those citrus fruits can be for the teeth! It just shows, you should be flossing every time you eat.

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