6 Tips on How to Relieve Toothache or Sinus Pain

sinus toothache relief

There are times when a toothache may not be caused by a dental condition, such as a cavity or gum disease. Because of the location of the maxillary sinuses, which are in your cheekbones and above your upper jaw, when the cavities swell from an infection, they can place pressure near the roots of your upper back teeth, resulting in … Read More

How on Earth Did I End Up with a Sinus Toothache?

sinus toothache

How a Sinus Infection Can Lead To a Toothache The sinuses are an interconnected system of hollow cavities in your head. Healthy sinuses have an unrestricted air flow and can regularly drain away the thin layer of mucus that lines them. Because of the location of your maxillary sinuses, which are behind your cheekbones and over your upper teeth, any … Read More