Your Complete Guide to Invisible Braces

Your Complete Guide to Invisible Braces

While braces were at one time a dreaded childhood occurrence, these days many children look forward to having them. This is because the metal bands can be accompanied with colorful bands that make them both fun and fashionable. However, if you are an adult who is considering braces to correct alignment issues, the last thing you might want is for … Read More

What is a Correct Bite and How You Can Check For Yourself

correct bite

Your bone structure and the size and shape of your teeth are different from those of any other person and are the reasons why your smile is unique. While having the proper teeth alignment, or correct bite, can enhance your smile, it is also important for other reasons. If your bite is misaligned, you may be prone to certain muscle … Read More

How to Tell if You Have Proper Bite Alignment

proper bite alignment

There are no two smiles that are exactly alike. Everyone has their own unique bone structure and tooth shape and size. However, to ensure that you have the teeth alignment that is straight enough that you will not suffer from the tooth and muscle complications that can arise from having a misaligned bite, it is important to know exactly how … Read More

Importance of Proper Bite Alignment

Bite Alignment

Sometimes when a person’s smile appears healthy, and they’re not suffering any tooth pain, they believe that they’re in good oral health. However, if they don’t have proper bite alignment, they may eventually suffer dental and overall health issues. Undergoing dental treatments to achieve the correct bite alignment can alleviate uncomfortable symptoms and prevent more severe dental problems in the … Read More