Avoid Oral Injuries During Fall Sports

Mouth Guards for Kids Sports

With kids headed back to school and fall sports beginning for children and adults, it’s important to remember to protect your oral health during certain physical activities. Wearing a mouth guard during sports prevents knocked out or broken teeth, jaw fractures, and cuts to the tongue and lips. Taking this vital step to protect your oral health removes some of the injury concerns associated with playing sports.

New school year, new sports

Fall is the start of many school sports for kids including soccer, football, hockey, basketball, lacrosse, and wrestling. It’s also when their parents may find more free time to partake in their own favorite outdoor sports and find themselves in need of a mouth guard. Playing any of these highly active, physical contact sports can lead to potential expensive damage to facial bone structure and teeth if players don’t protect themselves properly.

Avoiding mishaps with mouth guards

Aggressive contact sports increase the risk of injury to teeth, gums, cheeks, and tongue and the best way to avoid injury is with a custom mouth guard. Mouth guards available in stores can work in a pinch, but they’re also uncomfortable, bulky, and can come loose easily, which means that kids and adults may avoid wearing them. A custom mouth guard designed by your dentist fits your mouth specifically and provides the best, most comfortable fit for over your teeth and gums. Custom made mouth guards also last longer than store-bought guards. They are tear-resistant, resilient, and less bulky, which leads to use that is more consistent by the athlete. Dentist-made guards also don’t interfere as much with speech or breathing as guards found in stores. Best of all, custom made mouth guards are easy to clean and care for as long as you keep them out of direct sunlight or hot water.

Before you or your child sets foot out on that football, soccer, or lacrosse field this fall, make sure your oral health is well-protected with a custom made mouth guard. Adult teeth don’t grow back, and trying to save knocked out teeth during sports or other physical activity doesn’t always work, so prevention is a safer, more convenient alternative. Protecting the mouth from injury is far less expensive than dealing with a lost or broken tooth or other emergency dental work.

Ask about custom mouth guards and other easy ways to protect your child’s healthy, beautiful smile, and keep them performing their best in whatever sport they’re participating in by contacting or visiting Chianese Dental today.

Note: Your child probably doesn’t need a mouthguard to play golf.       😉

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