Advantages of Porcelain Crowns

Advantages of porcelain crowns

For patients in need of cosmetic or restorative dental work, there are numerous innovative options today that range from purely functional to aesthetically beneficial. Porcelain crowns, one of today’s popular dental treatments are functional, cosmetically pleasing and offer a variety of advantages.

Porcelain crown function

Dental crowns are caps that completely encase a tooth or dental implant. A dentist bonds crowns permanently to the tooth root with dental cement and past materials used for them include tin, silver, gold and platinum. While those types of crowns served their functional purpose, they were not aesthetically pleasing, which is why porcelain crowns have become more common and preferred as a treatment for dental issues. Porcelain crowns correct several dental flaws such as broken, cracked, unevenly shaped or discolored teeth and large cavities that require root canals. They can also serve as a replacement for teeth that are completely missing when used as caps for dental implants.

Advantages of porcelain crowns

Although dentists still use metal crowns because they’re viable, durable and solid, porcelain crowns offer several advantages over metal crowns. They may not appear it, but their strength is comparable to metal crowns without the unsightly color that can make patients embarrassed to smile or cause hesitation when seeking repairs to dental issues. Other advantages of porcelain crowns include:

  • Improved aesthetics – With their smoothness and natural tooth color, porcelain crowns offer improved aesthetics over metal alloy crowns. They blend in with surrounding teeth, which is important when dental work is located in the front of the mouth.
  • Natural feel – Porcelain crowns not only look more natural, they feel natural too. Dental professionals can design porcelain crowns that fit with the shape and appearance of natural teeth and they have durability similar to natural teeth.
  • Strength and longevity – Porcelain crowns are almost as strong as natural tooth enamel and withstand years of use with proper care. Porcelain crowns can hold together broken teeth and replace missing teeth as part of dental crowns with their strength and durability.

There’s no need to continue living with severe dental issues such as cracked, broken, missing or discolored teeth that a dental crown can easily solve. Porcelain dental crowns give you back the function and natural appearance of your teeth and have numerous other advantages over traditional metal crowns. Explore all of the dental treatment options available for improving and protecting your smile by contacting Chianese Dental to set up an appointment.

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