4 Ways To Reduce Sudden Tooth Sensitivity

Woman with tooth sensitivity experiencing pain while eating food.

If you’ve ever had sensitive teeth, you know how painful and uncomfortable it can be. It can affect one or more of your teeth and can often happen with little warning. There are multiple causes of sudden tooth sensitivity. You might eat or drink something that is cold. Or more worryingly, you might have gum disease or tooth decay. If you’ve recently noticed your teeth are more sensitive than usual, here are some things you can reduce your discomfort.

Continuing Your Oral Health Regime

Even though your teeth are feeling sensitive, it’s important to keep brushing and flossing daily. Brush gently using a soft bristled brush and ensure you are thoroughly cleaning each of your teeth. Refrain from brushing your teeth and gums too vigorously as this can make your sensitive teeth worse. You should also clean your gums and rinse with a suitable mouthwash. Some mouthwash brands can cause sensitive teeth, so ask your dentist for the recommendations. You might need to use different products or one that contains a more natural fluoride solution.

Use a Desensitising Toothpaste

There are some desensitising kinds of toothpaste on the market that you can use to reduce your sudden sensitivity. If used regularly enough within your oral care regime, it should help to keep the sensitivity at bay. With so many options it can be difficult to know which one to buy and use. Ask your dentist for their recommendations on which sensitive toothpaste you should try. They might know of a particularly effective brand that could also help you with other dental concerns.

Avoid Highly Acidic Food and Drink

If you consume large amounts of highly acidic food and drink, this could be the primary cause of your sudden tooth sensitivity. This is because the acid causes the enamel to wear away, which exposes the dentin. So unless you want your condition to worsen, it’s wise to avoid these products. Fruits such as pineapple and oranges and alcoholic beverages, for instance, are highly acidic if consumed in large amounts. Watching what you eat may seem extreme, but it can have useful results. Find out which foods and drinks you should be avoiding to make it easier to plan your meals.

See Your Dentist

If your pain and discomfort persist, you need to make an appointment with your dentist. There might be a serious cause of your sudden sensitivity that needs treatments as soon as possible such as Bruxism or Gingivitis. If left untreated, these dental concerns can cause additional problems in future. As well as making more of your teeth sensitive. Your dentist can help to reduce your sensitivity while also showing you how to stop it from returning in future. Make an appointment today to prevent further damage and to become pain-free.

These are the most efficient ways of reducing sudden tooth sensitivity. It’s vital that you don’t ignore the issue or put off seeing your dentist if the pain is on-going. The sooner you get checked out, the higher the chance of a quick solution.

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