Dental Bridges: Time-Tested Tooth Replacement Option

Dental Bridges

Although dental implants are one of the most popular tooth replacement options, those patients that aren’t good candidates for implants have other replacement treatments available to them including the time-tested and effective dental bridges. Modern dental bridges have numerous benefits over bridges of the past including better aesthetics and oral health advantages. When used to replace one or more missing … Read More

Importance of Proper Bite Alignment

Bite Alignment

Sometimes when a person’s smile appears healthy, and they’re not suffering any tooth pain, they believe that they’re in good oral health. However, if they don’t have proper bite alignment, they may eventually suffer dental and overall health issues. Undergoing dental treatments to achieve the correct bite alignment can alleviate uncomfortable symptoms and prevent more severe dental problems in the … Read More

Who Can Benefit from Mouth Guards

Mouth Guard

Quality, comprehensive dentistry focuses on treating and preventing dental health problems, and part of that is preventative care. Sometimes, an important element in protecting teeth is the use of a mouth guard during sports or at night, because prevention is easier than tooth replacement or tooth repair. How mouth guards work Mouth guards shield the teeth, tongue, and gums from … Read More

Complete Your Smile with Dental Implants

Dental Implants Restore Your Smile

If you’re missing teeth or are tired of your dental bridge or dentures moving out of position in your mouth, dental implants can give you a complete, natural-feeling, beautiful smile. Today’s dental implants are the result of continued improvements and innovations over the past several decades and have become a highly successful tooth replacement procedure. Explanation of dental implants Dental … Read More