Your Complete Guide to Invisible Braces

Your Complete Guide to Invisible Braces

While braces were at one time a dreaded childhood occurrence, these days many children look forward to having them. This is because the metal bands can be accompanied with colorful bands that make them both fun and fashionable. However, if you are an adult who is considering braces to correct alignment issues, the last thing you might want is for the fact that you are wearing braces to be obvious.

Invisible Braces

As an adult, you might also think that having the metal braces and colorful bands make you look too young and immature. You don’t have to sacrifice beautiful teeth for the embarrassment of wearing braces though. With invisible braces, you can have the best of both worlds. At Chianese Dental, we put together this guide about invisible braces to help answer some of the most common questions we get about them. However, if you don’t see your question covered here if you’d like more information or you’re ready to schedule an appointment, we encourage you to reach out and contact us today!

Who makes a good candidate for invisible braces?

Invisible braces can be a great alternative for people who want a dental solution that is barely visible while still being effective. Even though invisible braces might not be an effective alternative to traditional orthodontics if you have a bite issue that is complex, there are some conditions that are a good fit for them. If you have crowded teeth, crooked teeth or teeth that are too widely spaced, invisible braces can help. Patients with an overjet or an overbite can also be helped by using invisible braces

Children, as well as younger teenagers, don’t make good candidates for invisible braces. This is because they often still have baby teeth. However, older teens and adults are often responsible and vested enough in their treatments to make doing so worthwhile. Dedication in following the treatment plan is vital to ensuring success. The invisible braces must be worn 22 hours each day and cannot be lost or forgotten to have the results you want.

How do invisible braces look?

Ceramic brackets are designed much the same way as traditional metal braces with one key difference. Instead of using metal brackets and wires, your dentist uses material that is tooth colored, so the braces blend in more naturally with your teeth. This makes them less noticeable than metal braces though they aren’t as invisible as inside braces.

Inside braces are attached to the backs of your teeth, so they are completely out of view. Because of this, they are appealing to adults who might feel self-conscious about wearing other types of braces or who are in public often. Inside braces are custom-made for each patient and are fixed to your teeth like traditional and ceramic braces.

How do invisible braces work?

Made of a composite material, ceramic braces require the use of small rubber bands or built-in spring clips as a method of adjustment. Even though the rubber bands that are used are white, staining is not often an issue because they are changed each time you go to the dentist for an adjustment. In most cases, you’ll require an adjustment about once a month.

Because ceramic braces aren’t as strong as metal braces, the treatment time might be longer. Your dentist might need to make a slower and more gradual adjustment to your bands to accommodate them.

How long do you have to have braces?

While it’s difficult to accurately answer this question because every patient is different and because the answer depends on the type of invisible braces you choose, the typical treatment period is between 18 and 24 months. In some cases, invisible braces are worn for a longer period though.

Are invisible braces the same as Invisalign?

Man with Invisilign

Though they may sound similarly invisible braces are not the same as Invisalign. While invisible braces are actual braces that use bands to help adjust your teeth to address any bite issues, Invisalign is a system of clear and removable aligners that can be removed. This can make it easier to lose them when they are removed. Treatment can also be delayed since they are removable. Self-motivation is necessary to keep up with the treatment.

Though Invisalign can be removed when you eat and drink, they require custom brand cleansers that can be pricey. You can only purchase the cleanser from the manufacturer, and it can cost as much as $100, a significant expense compared to the cleansers that are used for other types of orthodontic treatments.

How much to invisible braces cost?

The cost of invisible braces is comparable to that of traditional metal braces though for some people the cost might be slightly higher. The cost of braces can range from $2,500 to $7,000.

The actual cost of your particular braces depends on many factors including the type chosen and the length of treatment, your dental insurance and if any other restorative treatment is needed before or during treatment. In some cases, there could be financing options available to help you pay for invisible braces and other orthodontic treatments.

If you are unhappy with the way your smile looks, contact Chianese Dental to schedule a consultation regarding your teeth. We carefully assess your oral health as well as your teeth to develop a treatment plan designed to give you a great smile you’ll love.

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