Small Details of Dental Cleanings Make Big Difference


Brushing twice daily and flossing at least once a day are essential daily habits for great oral hygiene. Additionally, you need to visit the dentist at least twice a year for professional cleanings to lower the risk of developing gum disease and dental decay. Brushing and flossing help eliminate plaque, and professional dental cleaning removes the hardened bacteria that at-home oral hygiene can’t effectively eliminate. If hardened bacteria remains on the teeth, it can develop into dental disease.

Effective Dental Tools

The skill and experience of the dental staff plays an important role in maintaining your oral health, but they also have the most effective dental tools for promoting great oral hygiene. Scientific research published in the PLOS ONE journal shows that the ultrasonic scalers that dental hygienists use to remove plaque deposit buildup owe a lot of their cleaning effectiveness to the small bubbles that form around the tool’s head.

Tiny Bubbles

Those tiny bubbles that form around the ultrasonic scaler’s head are vital in the cleaning process. With the use of high-speed cameras, researchers could see the formation of the bubbles or cavitation around the scaler’s tip and compared different size and power scalers to measure the bubble formation patterns. Using the data collected, researchers believe that manufacturers can develop new designs for cleaning instruments that maximize the bubble formation/cavitation. The ultimate hope is that with the research collected, manufacturers can design and create scalers that clean teeth without the tool touching the teeth’s surface. This would make dental cleaning less invasive and uncomfortable while increasing their effectiveness.

Most Important Part of Dental Cleanings and Exams

The University of Birmingham conducted the study of the ultrasonic scalers and reported that removing plaque that’s hardened into tartar is a crucial element in maintaining oral health and a highly important part of professional dental cleanings and exams. Their research will lead to the improvement of ultrasonic scalers so that they provide additional protection to long-term oral health.

Tartar Removal Essential for Oral Health

Researchers at the University of Birmingham who conducted the study stated that the removal of dental plaque that has transformed into a hardened form known as tartar ranks as a vital part of maintaining oral health and one of the most important parts of dental exams and cleanings. The results from this study will help research create better cleaning instruments in the future that offer even more protection to patient’s long-term oral health. The researchers found that the cavitation increased with the power of the scaler and that the side of the cavitation area varied depending on the shapes and tips of the tools.

Although continued research into cavitation is a requirement for improving tools, today’s ultrasonic scalers provide a cleaning not possible at home with a toothbrush. At Chianese Dental, we use innovative dental care techniques to help you achieve your cleanest, healthiest smile.

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