Professional Teeth Whitening Safest Way to Brighten Smile

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When teeth become stained due to consuming certain food or drinks, tobacco use, illness or aging, it’s common to seek out teeth whitening to brighten a smile. For those not satisfied with the whiteness of their teeth, there are a multitude of whitening treatments available in stores, but the safest and most effective choice is an in-office dental whitening treatment.

Initial consultation

For anyone considering a professional teeth-whitening, the first step is to schedule a consultation with a qualified dental professional or discuss it during a regular appointment. The dentist can perform a thorough dental exam and tell you the dental whitening options that will work best for your specific oral makeup. Dental whitening procedures can take 30-60 minutes and provide results far superior to store-bought alternatives.

Effectiveness of professional teeth whitening

Teeth that have yellowish stains can benefit from professional teeth whitening, but teeth with grayish or brownish stains or appearance may be harder to treat. Bleaching isn’t advisable for front teeth with tooth-colored filling or bonding as the whitening solution won’t work on these dental materials. If a patient wishes to improve the cosmetic appearance of their smile more than whitening alone can accomplish, the dentist may recommend fixing damaged or crooked teeth before whitening to ensure that the tooth color is even and uniform.

In-office whitening procedure

For patients with tooth stains that teeth whitening can treat effectively, dentists perform the professional treatment in-office within an hour. During the procedure, the dentist protects the patient’s gums with either gel or a rubber shield and then applies the bleaching agent onto the teeth surfaces. Following application, the dentist uses a special light to enhance, activate or accelerate the bleaching agent to provide the best results. Although there may be tooth sensitivity following professional teeth-whitening, it’s usually less than with store-bought treatments because the dentist took steps to protect oral soft tissues.

Take-home whitening treatments

Many dentists who offer in-office whitening also provide take-home whitening treatments for patients. These professional treatments contain trays that the dentist custom created for the patient to ensure a comfortable, effective fit. The patient fills the trays with the provided solution, usually a carbamide peroxide gel, and uses them on the schedule specified by the dentists. Take-home treatments can help whiten moderately brown or yellow discoloration over time, and the effects may last for up to a year. As long as a dentist supervises this type of treatment during regular exams, take-home professional treatments are considered safe and effective.

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