Philips Sonicare AirFloss – Toms River, NJ

If you’re someone who has trouble remembering to floss or has such tight spaces between your teeth flossing is difficult, Philips Sonicare AirFloss is just the technology you need. The AirFloss sends out micro droplets of water and air with microburst technology that effectively removes plaque biofilm formation between teeth. AirFloss is gentle and safe for teeth and gums with a guidance tip that targets the interproximal region (areas between adjoining teeth) for maximum effectiveness.

Save time and improve cleaning

Cleaning the entire mouth with AirFloss takes approximately 30 seconds, which is a great benefit for everyone in today’s busy world. The microburst technology of AirFloss delivers a refreshing clean that encourages infrequent flossers to use the device at least four days a week. A water reservoir that can hold up to two teaspoons of mouth rinse or water (enough for two uses) and a rechargeable lithium ion battery increase the convenient cleaning of the AirFloss. AirFloss adheres to Philips high standards of safety and performance, thanks to meticulous clinical validation of the appliance.

Innovative technology

Sonicare AirFloss removed 99% more plaque biofilm between teeth than manual brushing alone in a recent clinical study. Regular use of AirFloss improves gum health in as little as two weeks and is a safe, gentle, and effective option for people who forget to floss or have difficulty flossing. With a slim, angled nozzle that optimizes user operation and a guidance tip that makes it easy to target the spaces between teeth with the correct horizontal angle, AirFloss delivers maximum interproximal region cleaning. The only maintenance AirFloss requires is replacement of the nozzle every six months to help reduce the possibility of bacteria accumulation and prevent hard water build up.

Learn how the Sonicare AirFloss can improve your oral health while minimizing the chore of flossing in your routine by contacting Chianese Dental.