Should You Try a Night Guard For Clenching?

night guard for clenching

If you’ve been diagnosed with a clenching disorder, or have noticed problems with your teeth and jaws, you might consider using a night guard for clenching. But even if your doctor has advised you to use a night guard, how can you be sure that a night guard is right for you?

Do Night Guards Help With Clenching?

Night guards have been proven to help with clenching, which is why many medical practitioners recommend using them. With a night guard in place, your body is simply unable to clench. This prevents much of the damage that clenching causes your teeth and jaw. Although you may be hesitant to try a treatment that requires you to wear a night guard, the fact is that there is no reason why you shouldn’t try using a night guard to solve your clenching problems.

What Problems Can a Night Guard Solve?

Clenching causes a variety of problems for people. One of the worst issues is tightening of the jaw muscles during the clenching process. This tightening causes stress and tension in the jaw area that has been known to cause TMJ, migraines, and misaligned jaws and bite. Over time, if the clenching isn’t alleviated, these problems can lead to a host of other problems, including loss of teeth.

Clenching Mouth While Sleeping

Another big problem that can be solved by wearing a night guard is the issue of teeth grinding. Often, when a person clenches their jaw and mouth while sleeping, they tend to grind their teeth together. This eventually wears down the surface of the teeth, making them unfit for chewing and biting. Clenching mouth while sleeping can also lead to restless sleep, which in turn leads to increased stress and tension during the day, which ultimately leads to more clenching. It’s a vicious circle.

Night Guard for Jaw Clenching

Wearing a night guard for jaw clenching can help a person avoid damage to the teeth, migraine headaches, restless sleep, misaligned jaws and bite, and TMJ. It may even help a loved one who has to sleep next to the person with clenching problems. Clenching has been known to waken bed partners, to the point where couples might have to sleep in separate quarters. The simple act of wearing a night guard for clenching can solve all these issues.

What’s it Like to Use a Night Guard?

A night guard treatment program is non-invasive. There is no surgery or any invasive treatment at all. The night guard is a simple, non-motorized device that is worn during sleep to prevent the body from clenching either voluntarily or involuntarily. The night guard is non-intrusive, and can easily be kept in a nightstand for convenience and discreetness. The user simply inserts the night guard before falling asleep and removes it upon waking. Using a night guard is as easy as it can be to treat the problems of clenching.

There’s no reason not to try a night guard for clenching. Once you start using a night guard, you may begin to notice results almost immediately, and it’s very likely you’ll wish you had started sooner!

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