Making an Educated Decision About Dental Implants

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Someone considering dental implants has a lot of questions, concerns, and worries. Even if they want the complete, healthy smile possible with dental implants, they may tell themselves all sorts of reason why they can’t or shouldn’t get implants. Fortunately, with professional dental experience and insight about implants, a patient can make an educated decision about restoring their smile.

Unjustified belief of being “too old” for implants

Many patients believe that they’re too old to receive dental implants, but this is unjustified because age is not the main factor dentists use to determine good candidacy for dental implants. There’s no rule that says a person has to live with missing teeth or dentures when they get older, and everyone is entitled to spend their golden years enjoying their life with a complete, healthy smile. With dental implants, a person can retain their jawbone and facial structure and avoid the issues of a limited diet and speech difficulties common with removable dentures.

Feeling undeserving of dental implants

It’s common for a person to feel like they don’t deserve dental implants and that they should just live with missing teeth. There are many reasons why people lose teeth including genetics, heredity, diabetes, cancer, accidents, injuries and poor oral health. None of those reasons mean that a person is undeserving of having the complete, healthy smile possible with dental implants. Everyone deserves the improved health and confidence of a restored smile, and as long as a patient maintains their oral health moving forward, they can enjoy a great smile for a lifetime.

Viewing dental implants as too large an investment

Although dental implants aren’t “cheap” and can seem like too large an investment for some, the fact that they can last a lifetime with proper care makes the cost less of an issue. The same surgical metals used in procedures such as hip replacements are what dentists use for dental implants, and placement requires surgery, experience, knowledge, and skill, which all justify the cost. The average person in the United States between the ages of 34 and 49 is living with seven missing teeth, and this prevents them from chewing and eating healthy food, which affects their digestive system, weight, and overall health. An unhealthy diet can lead to other health issues that require medical intervention, and that can quickly add up. Having a full, healthy smile also effects a person’s social and professional life as a smile is one of the first things anyone looks at, and someone unwilling to smile may miss out on job and relationships opportunities. It’s impossible to put a dollar amount on improved confidence, self-esteem and well-being.

Fear of dental implant surgery

Many patients fear regular dental visits and avoid them until they have an emergency, and that fear applies to dental implant surgery too. Even patients who maintain regular dental visits may feel anxious about dental implant surgery. An experienced, qualified dental professional can discuss the procedure along with all the benefits and risks with the patient, so they have a full understanding and know what to expect. Every person is different and will have a different experience with dental implant surgery, but implants remain a highly successful, permanent and natural-looking tooth replacement option.

Don’t let misconceptions or fear of the unknown prevent you from having the complete, healthy smile you deserve. Contact Chianese Dental today to discuss today’s innovative dental implant options.

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