Keeping Patients Informed

keep dental patients informed

When patients have a clear and thorough understanding of what’s involved in helping protect their oral health through cleanings, exams and dental treatments, they take a more active role in preserving their beautiful smile. Not only that, keeping a patient informed about what’s going on in their mouth and why the dental professional has to do a certain treatment helps them feel more at ease during their visits as they know what to expect.

Staying in the know

If a patient has a dental issue such as a fractured tooth, they may feel anxious because they don’t know how severe the damage is and what treatment they need. When a dentist shows them exactly what’s going on with imaging of the tooth and then discusses options to keep the fracture from becoming a broken tooth, the patient gets the information they need to move forward. Fractures that can lead to a break below the gum line may require removal and informing a patient of this may cause them concern, but ultimately prepare them for treatment. By informing a patient of the options and risks involved with treating dental issues, the patient can then decide whether they want to pursue treatment right away or wait a while and see what happens.

Communication after tooth loss

For patients that have a missing tooth or teeth, it’s critical that they maintain open communication with their dentist and that the dentist keeps an eye on the area. Once a tooth is lost, bone resorption or loss begins because the tooth root is no longer present in the jawbone. Without he tooth root in the jawbone, that portion of bone starts to melt away and can lead to issues with adjacent teeth shifting and even needing extraction. Knowing this information and the fact that even if the lost tooth isn’t visible it can still lead to additional tooth loss can help patients decide on the best course of action for tooth replacement. With today’s dental implants and other tooth replacement options, there’s no reason to live with missing teeth and risk additional bone loss.

By maintaining good communication between patient and dentist, patients can experience less anxiety and fear about their visits, which is always beneficial for everyone involved. Patients should never feel too intimidated to ask questions, and if they do, it’s time to seek a different dentist. Everyone at Chianese Dental is dedicated to ensuring our patients feel at ease during visits and that they understand all of their treatment options. Contact us today to experience a higher level of dental care.

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