Importance of Tooth Replacement

Dental Implants

When you’re practicing proper oral hygiene and enjoying your healthy smile, you may not think about the placement of each tooth or how important that location is. However, when even one tooth is missing, it has a profound effect on the rest of your mouth, jaw, and facial structure.

Domino effect of losing a tooth

The proper alignment and placement of your teeth are essential as it helps facial muscles and jaw joints move together during speaking and chewing. With a tooth missing, the tooth above or below it gradually grows out of alignment, and the teeth on either side can tilt out of their normal positions. Eventually, the area of the jawbone that held the missing tooth root begins to deteriorate, and this can lead to a host of other problems. By replacing the tooth soon after it’s lost with the correct orthodontic treatment, the natural balance structure in your mouth receives restoration, and this positively affects all other facial structures.

Consequences of not replacing a lost tooth

If you ignore a missing permanent tooth in your mouth because it’s not visible when you see it or you’re fearful of the treatment involved, it can have negative consequences on your oral health. Your mouth may feel fine for a while after losing a tooth, but eventually, that empty space leads to problems, including:

  • Higher risk that adjacent tooth or teeth will be lost next
  • Misalignment, which can cause chipped, broken or worn teeth
  • Strain on the jaw joint, which contributes to nighttime grinding and clenching, headaches, jaw tenderness and popping, vertigo, facial pain and ear ringing

It’s easy to avoid all these problems by replacing lost teeth promptly before it can damage the health and structure of your mouth.

Options for tooth replacement

The ideal replacement for a lost tooth is a dental implant because it prevents resorption of the jawbone by recreating the presence of the natural tooth root. Partials, crowns, and bridges are another option for tooth replacement as they fill the empty space and ensure that surrounding teeth stay in their correct placement and alignment.

Even if you don’t think your lost tooth is a problem because it’s not cosmetically visible, it can still cause serious damage to your oral health and jaw structure. Being proactive by replacing a lost tooth immediately prevents oral health issues while protecting and restoring your beautiful smile. Contact Chianese Dental today to set up an exam and find the best dental solution for your missing teeth.

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