How a Cosmetic Dentist Improves Smiles

getting a perfect smile with cosmetic dentistry

When you have a cosmetic flaw in your smile such as a fractured or cracked tooth, missing teeth or discolored teeth, you can be self-conscious and unwilling to smile. Fortunately, today’s cosmetic dentists have a variety of treatments available to them to repair almost every smile issue that exists. Cosmetic dentists can help with a variety of problems, and as the technology and techniques improve and become more common practice, the costs have decreased making a beautiful smile achievable for everyone. After you know how much a cosmetic dentist can help your smile, you may wonder why you waited so long to visit one.

Repair cracked or fractured tooth

Tooth fractures and cracks have causes that range from severe, traumatic accidents to minor events such as biting on an extremely hard nut. No matter what caused the cracked or fractured tooth, a cosmetic dentist can repair the damage with treatments such as dental crowns, fillings or porcelain veneers. The best solution depends on the extent and severity of the crack or fracture and what the patient hopes to achieve cosmetically.

Brighten stained teeth

Many of the foods people eat today including healthy smoothies, dark fruits, wine, coffee and tea can lead to surface stains on teeth. Over time, these stains can build up and give teeth a yellow discoloration. For surface stains, a cosmetic dentist can perform an in-office professional teeth whitening that safely, quickly and easily brighten teeth in under an hour. More severe stains due to tetracycline intake or fluorosis can also be treated by a cosmetic dentist but may need something aside from a traditional teeth whitening.

Undersized or misaligned teeth

A cosmetic dentist can improve the esthetic appearance of your smile if you have teeth that appear too small or are misaligned or crooked. Small or crooked teeth can make you feel hesitant to smile, but a cosmetic dentist has treatments that can give you a smile makeover without the need for braces. With gum contouring and porcelain veneers, a cosmetic dentist improves the shape, size and appearance of your teeth and you’re free from the metal brackets of braces. Veneers and contouring aren’t the perfect solutions for all cases of small or misaligned teeth, so it’s important to discuss your options with the cosmetic dentist.

A cosmetic dentist can improve your smile in many more ways than those listed above, and they work with you to achieve your ideal, healthy smile. Chianese Dental has extensive experience with a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures, and we want to give you a smile you’re proud to share.

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