Finding the Right Tooth Replacement Option

man with missing tooth who would benefit from a dental implant

Patients who need a tooth or teeth replaced should know all of their options before making a final selection. There are many excellent tooth replacement methods in today’s dentistry, and they each come with their advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, the best tooth replacement option for a patient is the one that fulfills their needs and lifestyle while improving their oral health.

Tooth replacement options

Tooth replacement options include partial or full dentures, crown and bridge combinations, and dental implants. A crown and bridge is only a viable option for someone who has natural teeth adjacent to the missing tooth or teeth because the bridge needs crowns on the natural teeth for support. A partial bridge needs teeth on at least one side as it attaches to existing teeth with a framework or metal clasps. Full dentures replace full arches of teeth in patients who don’t have their upper and/or lower teeth. The teeth for dentures attach to a natural-looking gum base contoured to the shape of the jawbone ridge that used to support tooth roots. The disadvantage of the previously listed options is that they don’t replace the tooth root, and this can lead to loss of jawbone, which makes dental implants one of the best options.

Dental implant advantages

Without the tooth root from a missing tooth, the jawbone starts to resorb or shrink. Those who wear dentures experience this faster due to the pressure the denture or partial denture places on the ridge. The decline of jawbone changes the fit of dentures and in crown and bridges, eventually creates a gap between the gum tissue and bridge. Dental implants are a superior option to dentures and bridges because the dentist places them in the jawbone where they mimic a tooth root and stimulate the jawbone to halt bone loss. Dental implants preserve a healthy facial structure and a patient’s natural bite.

A lifetime solution

Unlike denture and bridges, the design of dental implants helps ensure that they last a lifetime. Properly cared for and maintained dental implants shouldn’t require replacement or removal, and although they cost more initially, they’re a better investment over time. Most dental implant specialists work with their patients to help them afford dental implants, as they are one of the safest, longest-lasting, most natural and most successful tooth replacement options available today.

If you’re missing any of your natural teeth and are unsure about how to proceed with replacement, contact Chianese Dental today to discuss your options and schedule an office consultation. Having a complete, healthy smile can improve your life in multiple, amazing ways.

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