Digestive Issues with Dentures

Digestive Issues with Dentures

Dental implants are a popular, safe and successful tooth replacement option offered today, but sometimes patients aren’t good candidates or they’re afraid to ask if dental implants will work for them and in these cases, the patients may be wearing full or partial dentures. One of the top complaints from patients with dentures is that they can’t enjoy the same foods they used to, as dentures don’t necessarily function like natural teeth. If dentures don’t fit properly, it can cause embarrassing clicking sounds and slips as well as digestive system problems.

Digestion and Dentures

Ill-fitting dentures can do much more than make their wearer feel self-conscious, they can wreak havoc on digestion. Digestion begins in the mouth with proper chewing of food where the saliva helps break down that food in preparation for its journey into the digestive system. With improperly fitting or problem dentures, the person may chew less and produce less saliva, which reduces the metabolism and absorption of important nutrients from food.

Softer Diet Issues

Dentures that don’t fit well can lead to reduced strength and chewing efficiency, which makes many patients opt for a softer food diet that dissolves easier in the mouth. Many soft foods may be high in sugar, fats and calories, which are unhealthy choices. Denture wearers who can’t properly chew harder foods such as fruits and vegetables also have less fiber intake and may not receive adequate minerals and vitamins essential for health and digestion. Wearing dentures can also cause excessive swallowing of air, called aerophagia, and this can cause poor digestion, pain and a distended stomach.

Preventing Digestion Issues

The best way to avoid digestion issues when wearing dentures is to make sure the dentures fit securely and if they don’t, to visit the dentist for an adjustment. Another option is to discuss the possibility of dental implants and learn how to be an ideal candidate for this tooth replacement option. Dentists can now use dental implants to secure dentures, which restores chewing stability, biting strength and the patient’s confidence in their secure smile. Patients who choose dental implants as a replacement for or alternative to dentures are able to eat favorite foods, chew comfortably, laugh and speak comfortable among friends and family.

If you’re dealing with dentures that don’t fit right or living with missing teeth because you’re unsure about the proper tooth replacement option, contact Chianese Dental to discuss our restorative dentistry services including traditional and immediate load dental implants.


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