Dental Implant Restoration Principles and Procedures

dental implant restoration

Dental implants are a boon to the patients that have them done. Seamless and nearly impossible to distinguish from your natural teeth, dental implants are designed to give you years of satisfaction and use. Sometimes though issues might arise with your implants. Here’s what to do if that happens and how Chianese Dental can help.

Self Diagnosis Isn’t an Option

If you’re having difficulty with your dental implants, it’s important to have a dental professional like Chianese Dental examine them as soon as possible. Trying to diagnose the problem yourself or waiting to seek professional help can lead to further challenges. These include irritation, pain and more.

Frequency of Dental Implant Issues

In spite of them needing professional attention, most patients don’t experience any problems with their dental implants. It’s this high success rate that makes them so popular with both patients and dentists like Chianese Dental.

Loose Dental Implants

A loose dental implant can occur if the titanium implant didn’t fuse fully with your jawbone. Over the months after you have your dental implant, your body forms bone around it naturally. This process — which takes place over several months — helps make the implant as secure and natural as your roots are. However, if this process was not completed fully, your implant could become loose.

Another reason why your implant might become loose is that the health of your jawbone changed. The success of the dental implant hinges on your jawbone staying strong, dense and healthy. If you develop an infection that starts wearing away at your jawbone or if you have gum disease, your dental implant could become loose or even fail.

If you become aware of any signs that could indicate that you have gum disease — bleeding, red and swollen gums — you should contact Chianese Dental right away so you can be seen. You should also come to see us if you develop a toothache. Your quick attention to these matters can help stem any negative issues that might affect your jawbone.

Repairing a Dental Implant

Before attempting a repair on your dental implant, the Chianese Dental team will thoroughly examine your entire mouth. This will help them determine the area of the problem. If your dental implant is cracked or chipped, we might be able to repair it for you. In some cases, we can do this without having to remove your crown. The only way this determination can be made is by visiting our dental office. If your crown falls off, please bring it to your appointment.

In some cases, the entire dental implant must be replaced. This might require surgery to remove the failed implant and possibly a bone graft for your jawbone. After you heal from these procedures, then the different options for dental implants can be discussed with you.

Chianese Dental offers a full slate of dental services for all members of your family. Chianese Dental also partners with you to deliver healthy smiles and mouths. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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