The Truth About Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strips are a popular method that people use to get that dazzling white smile that everyone desires. Not only are they a cost-effective method of getting a million-dollar smile but teeth whitening strips also have other advantages for busy people. This DIY method means that you can whiten your teeth in the privacy of your own home and … Read More

5 Ways to Reduce Smile Lines

reduce smile lines

Fine lines around the lips and eyes can be signs of a life spent smiling and laughing, a badge of honor. They can also be an indicator of bad habits, poor diet, or simply old age as a person’s collagen production slows and skin tone slackens. For those who look at smile lines in the mirror and wonder when they … Read More

Apple Cider Vinegar and Oral Health


Every day there seems to be something new about apple cider vinegar and its benefits splashed across social media. An increasing amount of the population appears to believe that consuming apple cider vinegar daily before meals can improve overall health and help lose weight. Other theories about apple cider vinegar include that is can sooth the stomach, cure hiccups, stop … Read More

The Huge Benefits Of Cosmetic Dentistry


There are huge benefits to cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is like any other cosmetic procedure. It’s used to change the way someone looks. In this case, it’s all about the state of the mouth and the teeth, specifically. You may not know this, but teeth aren’t naturally straight. Similar to a perfectly symmetrical face, someone with naturally straight teeth is … Read More

Small Details of Dental Cleanings Make Big Difference


Brushing twice daily and flossing at least once a day are essential daily habits for great oral hygiene. Additionally, you need to visit the dentist at least twice a year for professional cleanings to lower the risk of developing gum disease and dental decay. Brushing and flossing help eliminate plaque, and professional dental cleaning removes the hardened bacteria that at-home … Read More

Making an Educated Decision About Dental Implants

learn about dental implants

Someone considering dental implants has a lot of questions, concerns, and worries. Even if they want the complete, healthy smile possible with dental implants, they may tell themselves all sorts of reason why they can’t or shouldn’t get implants. Fortunately, with professional dental experience and insight about implants, a patient can make an educated decision about restoring their smile. Unjustified … Read More

The Right Toothbrush Makes a Difference

choosing a toothbrush

With so many choices in toothbrushes, it’s easy to feel confused. Maybe you choose a certain type of toothbrush because you like how it looks, how much it costs or simply because it’s what you’ve always chosen, but these strategies won’t necessarily get you the best toothbrush for your oral needs. These useful tips can help you navigate through the … Read More

Dietary Habits that Weaken Teeth

Foods affect teeth

To keep your teeth healthy and strong, you need to practice great oral hygiene including brushing twice daily, flossing at least once a day and visiting the dentist regularly. However, there are dietary factors that may lead to sensitive or weakened teeth and undermine your efforts. By avoiding these behaviors, you can maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. Drinking too many … Read More

Technology Improves Patient-Dentist Communcation

Technology helps dental patients

In today’s digital world where people stay in almost constant communication, there are more ways than ever for patients and their dentists to stay in contact with ever-advancing technology. Improved communication through technology enables the dentist and patient to discuss any existing oral issues and potential treatments prior to the first visit through to the conclusion of treatment. Technology has given … Read More

Porcelain Veneers Have Evolved Over The Years

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a highly trusted and popular cosmetic dentistry procedure to improve the appearance of a patient’s smile. Made of medical-grade ceramic, porcelain veneers attach to the front surfaces of teeth to transform a smile and as the dentist constructs them individually for each patient, they closely resemble natural teeth, including the appearance of dental enamel. Porcelain veneers have … Read More