The Connection Between Sugar Consumption and Cavities

sugar consumption and cavities

Most people believe that sugar is the direct cause of cavities. However, while sugar is not an innocent bystander, it’s not sugar that eats away at the tooth structure. It’s acid. When you or your child consumes candy, soft drinks, juice, or other high-sugar treats, an acidic environment is created that destroys the tooth enamel. Children are at a higher … Read More

Decay: The Childhood Dental Epidemic (and How to Avoid It)

child tooth decay

Losing a baby tooth is one of our most memorable childhood milestones. However, unnerving stats show that children across the globe are losing their teeth earlier and earlier. These children aren’t merely in a rush for a visit from the tooth fairy; rather, these extractions are performed due to the presence of decay. The growing epidemic is enough to scare … Read More

What Causes Jaw Pain and How to Effectively Treat It

jaw pain

Jaw pain affects millions of people worldwide. The pain can range from mildly annoying to severe and debilitating. In its worst state, jaw pain can inhibit eating and drinking, which can lead to malnutrition. Even when jaw pain doesn’t stop the person from eating properly, it can lead to tooth loss, dental cavities, migraines, acid reflux, indigestion, and a host … Read More

How to Overcome Your Dental Anxiety

patient with dental anxiety

The main reason cited for avoiding the dentist isn’t costs or lack of insurance. The main reason is dental anxiety. While dentists recommend a checkup every six months, not enough people are following this professional recommendation. As a result, dental anxiety is at the root (pun intended) of many dental problems like cavities, missing and loose teeth. In fact, a … Read More

How to Tell if You Have Proper Bite Alignment

proper bite alignment

There are no two smiles that are exactly alike. Everyone has their own unique bone structure and tooth shape and size. However, to ensure that you have the teeth alignment that is straight enough that you will not suffer from the tooth and muscle complications that can arise from having a misaligned bite, it is important to know exactly how … Read More

Causes and Treatments for Tooth Loss

causes and treatments of tooth loss

Your teeth have a significant role in your overall health. The loss of teeth can not only affect your appearance; it can be an indication that you are suffering from a serious health problem. Learn about why tooth loss occurs and what sort of treatments can be used. WHAT CAUSES TOOTH LOSS? Tooth loss can lead to some complications, such … Read More

6 Amazing Ways to Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

reduce tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is inconvenient, but it can also lead to secondary conditions. It can quickly go from being just a minor inconvenience to something that requires serious intervention. For instance, if you have one or more teeth that sensitive, you may favor one side of your mouth for chewing, which can lead to uneven wear on one side of your … Read More

8 Reasons Why Your Teeth Are So Sensitive

why are my teeth sensitive

If you have sensitive teeth, you know how much this condition can ruin something as simple as enjoying a spoonful of ice cream or drinking a cold class of water. Many things can be at the root of sensitive teeth. Once you discover why your teeth are sensitive, you’ll be able to work with your dentist to remedy the situation … Read More

6 Tips on How to Relieve Toothache or Sinus Pain

sinus toothache relief

There are times when a toothache may not be caused by a dental condition, such as a cavity or gum disease. Because of the location of the maxillary sinuses, which are in your cheekbones and above your upper jaw, when the cavities swell from an infection, they can place pressure near the roots of your upper back teeth, resulting in … Read More

How on Earth Did I End Up with a Sinus Toothache?

sinus toothache

How a Sinus Infection Can Lead To a Toothache The sinuses are an interconnected system of hollow cavities in your head. Healthy sinuses have an unrestricted air flow and can regularly drain away the thin layer of mucus that lines them. Because of the location of your maxillary sinuses, which are behind your cheekbones and over your upper teeth, any … Read More