Dental Fillings NJ – The Advantages of Composite Fillings

Dental Fillings NJ

In the past, receiving fillings to repair the damage of cavities usually meant dealing with the obvious and less than a cosmetically pleasing choice of amalgam/silver fillings. Thankfully, dentistry advances have provided a much more attractive option in the form of composite fillings. Composite fillings allow you to preserve your natural looking smile while repairing the damage of cavities. Additionally, they’ve become remarkably popular, and many patients choose to have their older amalgam fillings replaced with composite fillings. In this post, we’ll show you why Chianese Dental provides the best dental fillings NJ can offer.

Materials in Composite Fillings

Composite fillings consist of a mix of glass and plastic, and along with applications for fillings, dentists also use the composite material for other cosmetic improvements such as reshaping teeth or changing the color of teeth. Tooth-colored composite fillings maintain and restore your natural smile and are durable enough to hold up to the wear of daily chewing and speaking.

Composite Fillings Benefits

The dentist makes composite fillings that match the color of your other natural teeth, which makes them ideal for front teeth where an amalgam filling would be noticeable. Amalgam fillings never look like natural teeth, but the dentist can shape composite fillings to resemble a real tooth. Other benefits of composite fillings include:

  • Durable – In small to mid-size fillings, composite fillings resist fracture and are quite durable, even on back teeth where there are more chewing and grinding force.
  • Supportive – To place composite fillings, your dentist removes less tooth structure than for an amalgam filling and composite fillings bond with the natural tooth, both of which help support a tooth weakened by decay. It’s important to preserve natural tooth material because it can be useful in any future restorations.
  • Versatile – Along with filling cavities, dentists use the composite material to repair worn, broken, or chipped teeth.
  • Insulating qualities – The materials that make up composite fillings have insulating qualities that prevent the potential cracks that amalgam fillings can suffer when they expand or contract after exposure to hot or cold foods. With composite fillings, your teeth have better protection from temperature variations.

Although composite fillings are more attractive than amalgam fillings, they do have some disadvantages. Composite fillings aren’t as durable as amalgam fillings, won’t work in larger cavities and may need replacement due to their softer nature. In the ideal situation, composite fillings can last at least five years, but they can stain over time. To reduce the likelihood of staining, ask your dentist about placing a protective plastic coating over the composite and try to avoid foods such as red wine, coffee, and tea that can cause stains. Furthermore, call us anytime, and we’ll explain why our composite fillings are the most complete and secure dental fillings NJ can offer.

The Best Dental Fillings NJ has to Offer

Thanks to today’s dental advances, treating a cavity no longer requires the obvious fix of amalgam fillings. With their natural tooth shape and color, composite fillings protect and repair your damaged tooth while preserving your beautiful smile. Contact Chianese Dental to ask about our other cosmetic dentistry solutions.

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