6 Hidden Health Benefits of Braces

benefits of braces

Braces have long been used to straighten teeth. But braces have many more hidden benefits that aren’t always obvious to the wearer. If your Toms River, New Jersey dentist has recommended braces for you or a loved one, consider the following additional benefits that braces offer.

1. Enhanced Self-Confidence

The power of an attractive smile to enhance personal confidence is almost a scientific fact. When you can confidently look another person in the eye and exhibit a broad, welcoming smile, you feel better about yourself inside.

2. Better Advancement Opportunities

When you smile at another, you usually get a smile in return. On the other hand, if you avoid smiling to hide unsightly teeth, the reaction you get is much less positive. This alone can affect how easily you advance in social settings and even at work. Someone who is constantly hiding their smile may be perceived to be unfriendly or harder to work with. If you smile with bad teeth, you could even be unfairly perceived as someone who doesn’t take care of themselves. This can also negatively impact career advancement and social situations. While unfair, the reality is, nevertheless, true.

3. Reduction in Tooth Decay

Surprisingly, getting teeth corrected with braces results in a reduction in tooth decay, as dentists in Toms River, New Jersey can attest. Crooked teeth lay wrongly against abutting teeth. This situation can make it difficult or impossible to perform effective oral hygiene with brushing and flossing. Without the ability to thoroughly clean teeth of food and drink debris, bacteria can quickly set in and lead to tooth decay. If your dentist in Toms River, New Jersey has recommended braces for you or a loved one, consider getting it done as quickly as possible to prevent further tooth decay.

4. Improved Speech

The position of the teeth heavily impacts word formation and speech. Dentists in Toms River have found that patients who have undergone braces therapy report improved speech, particularly regarding the pronunciation of sounds like “th,” “s” and “ch.” In fact, children with speech impediments should first be examined by a dentist to diagnose or rule out factors that could be remedied by braces.

5. Better Nutrition

Chewing is one of the ways that nutrition is extracted from the food that we eat. But when the teeth are not aligned correctly, then chewing can’t take place as it should. The food doesn’t get broken down as it should in the mouth. When it enters the digestive system in such an intact form, it can lead to gastronomic issues like indigestion, malnutrition, and general stomach upset. Braces can take care of such issues by ensuring that teeth are properly aligned for chewing and the breaking down of food in the mouth.

6. Fewer Headaches

Misaligned teeth are often related to misaligned jaws. Due to the nature of anatomy, a misaligned jaw often leads to headaches, both mild and severe. If your Toms River dentist is recommending braces, and you suffer from chronic headaches, you might be able to look forward to fewer incidences of those occurrences.

Your Toms River, New Jersey dentist is here to answer any questions you may have about braces and other dental needs. Please contact us today!

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