Pregnancy and Oral Health

pregnancy oral health

Pregnancy can result in any number of changes to your body. There are many that you might already expect, from a sore back to swollen ankles. However, pregnant women often find themselves surprised by the changes to their body. There are plenty of things that people don’t talk about as much and that you may not realize can occur. One … Read More

Mercury Fillings: What You Need to Know

mercury fillings amalgam

Fillings are useful dental tools to help with several issues. They fill gaps left by cavities and can provide a cosmetic solution too. A filling can help to preserve a tooth and prevent it from deteriorating any further. When you have a filling, it could be one that uses several different types of material. Many people have metal amalgam fillings. … Read More

The History of Flossing: From the Beginning

history of flossing

If you’ve ever been to the dentist, then you probably got asked whether or not you flossed. Dentists always recommend you do this at least once a day. It’s thought that flossing is the only way you can properly clean your teeth and gums. You use dental floss to dislodge food and clear bacteria away from the sides of teeth … Read More

How Teeth Whitening Has Become so Popular

teeth whitening popular

It’s fair to say that cosmetic dentistry has entered the spotlight in the last decade. More and more people are concerned with the way their teeth look. As such, many cosmetic procedures have become all the rage. Teeth whitening has become the most popular dental treatment around, in the last five to ten years. More people are calling to book … Read More

How Proper Oral Health Can Help With Chemotherapy

oral health chemotherapy

Taking care of your oral health should be a top priority for everyone. After all, the mouth is a gateway to your entire body. Take care of it, and you’ll help keep yourself healthy in general. Research has found that good oral health can help with chemotherapy. In fact, it’s advised that cancer patients get oral treatment before they start … Read More