Healthy Body, Healthy Mouth – Making the Connection

Healthy Body, Healthy Mouth – Making the Connection

Maintaining good oral hygiene not only promotes and protects teeth and gums, it also benefits your whole body. When you take care of your mouth, you reduce the risk of bad breath, cavities, and periodontal disease while improving your overall health. Paying attention to the health of your teeth and gums can give clues about other health issues. Studies have shown that there … Read More

Smiling Improves Health and Happiness

Smiling Improves Health and Happiness

A majority of people made New Year’s resolutions to become healthier, and while most think that involves a gym membership and health supplements, there’s one physical activity you can do that’s free and completely painless. Smile! Smiling has more health benefits than you probably realize and as they say, it takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown. … Read More

Need New Teeth Today? Immediate Load Dental Implants May be your Answer

Immediate Load Dental Implants Toms River NJ

A patient can walk out of the dental office without any gaps and with replacement teeth that function like regular teeth. While dental implants to replace missing teeth have been in use for over 40 years, there’s been increased buzz recently about the positive potential of immediate load implants. Immediate load implants are primarily employed in the maxillary anterior region, or the … Read More

Zoom Teeth Whitening – Toms River, NJ

Philips Zoom Whitening

If whitening your teeth was one of your resolutions, you’ve probably discovered how many options there are and how confusing it can be. Eliminate the confusion by consulting with your dental professional and asking them about Philips Zoom Whitening products. Despite all the whitening options available in stores that appear safe, working with your dentist to whiten your teeth is … Read More

If Your Dentist Doesn’t Do This One Thing, Run, Don’t Walk to a Different Dentist

Periodontal Charting Toms River NJ

Periodontal charting has been a standard procedure for decades.  During your visit to the dentist’s office, you’re accustomed to the usual routine of having your teeth cleaned, flossed, inspected by the dentist, and x-rayed when necessary. However, if your dentist doesn’t include gum charts (also called periodontal charts) as part of his or her routine, it’s time to consider finding … Read More